Pick up a copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator or Laminar Research's X-Plane.It doesn't have to be the latest version if your computer is older. Flight simulators will help you learn about the instruments and systems found in a typical trainer aircraft as well as make you familiar with maneuvers and procedures you will need to master for your private pilot exam. Thus you will need to spend less time and money on actual flight lessons, which are quite expensive. X-Plane's website truthfully says that if a flight simulator can save you an hour with a controller, it will have effectively paid for itself. Remember that while flight simulators are good for procedures training, they won't give you all of the stick-and-rudder skills to fly a real airplane

Check out weather products such as METARS and TAFs even on days you don't fly. See if conditions match what those products indicate. That way, when you do fly, you'll have a higher confidence in the weather predictions.

Raise the nose of the airplane by pulling the control wheel toward you. This will make the airplane climb or stall if you pull back too far. Pitch changes speed, power changes altitude.

Use the throttle control to help the airplane climb and control your speed.

Push the control wheel away from you and reduce power to descend

urn the control wheel left to raise the right wing. This will cause the plane to bank resulting in a left turn. You also need to add left rudder (the left peddle) to keep the plane coordinated. Same thing to turn right but use the right controls

Driving by a small airport can make you wonder who the people who fly those airplanes really are. While passing by, you wonder if you could be one of those people. Viewing the airplanes take off sparks a certain romantic imagining of soaring over mountains and through clouds, and you suddenly imagine that they are off to exotic places around the globe that you could only dream of. You think they must be somehow a special breed of man. But they aren't! They are just like you and I. They took the time to learn how to fly, and the made their dream a reality.Practically, recreationally flying is becoming more and more relevant for the individual traveler. Sometimes those two to three hour drives get really old, and you think flying there might be the answer. Flying removes the traffic from the equation, and going slow really does mean you are in the way. There are no speeding tickets when you fly. Moreover, pilots come from all income levels. The basic graphic artist to the CEO of major companies are all pilots. Sports figures and janitors have all had flying lessons, and they all become better people because of it. Here are some tips to get you in the cockpit and off into the stratosphere on your own aviation adventures.
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