1. People grew a lot of rubber in Malaysia. [Begin: A...]
2. He tried harder and harder but achieved less and less. [Begin: The....]
3. “Shall I ask her to wait,” said Pamela. [Change into Reported Speech]
4. It was so late that I could not attend the class. [Use: too]
5. Prizes were being given by the Minister when the lights went out. [Change the voice]
7. I am coming with you. [Provide a suitable question tag]
8. This is the biggest elephant I have ever seen. [Use: big]9. As soon as Rama starts to run the race, the crowd cheers her. [Begin: No sooner ...]
10. Both the answers are wrong. [Begin: Neither....]
11. Neither John nor his friends ......... to blame. [Use: is/are]
12. The United Nations have has its headquarters in U.S.A. [Correct the sentence]
13. He is a principled man. [Use: principle]
14. But for my help, she would not have succeeded. Begin: Had...]
15. If he apologizes, he will be pardoned. [Use: Unless...]



The Brainliest Answer!
1. A lot of rubber was grown by people in Malaysia.
2. The harder and harder he tried the lesser and lesser he achieved.
3.I asked her to wait.
4.I couldn't attend the class as I was too late.
5.Minister gave the prizes when the lights went out.
7.Are you coming with me?
8.I have never seen such a big elephant.
9.No sooner  rama started to run,the crowd started cheering her.
10.Neither the first one correct nor the second one.
11. are
12.The united nations had its headquarters in U.S.A.
13.He is a man who follows principles.
14.had she would succeed without my help.
15.Unless he apologizes , he will be pardoned.

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