Bermuda triangle is one of the mysterious places in the world.It is situated between florida,bermuda and puerto rica.
Many times it is noticed that those who went through this triangle doesn't get out.Even the debris of the ships and planes those went through this triangle.Cristopher Columbus also noticed that his compass showsreal north instead ofthe magnetic north whenhe was teavelling through this triangle. There are many myths related to this like it may be due to the aliens or there may be some sea monsters etc.
But many scientific explanations are also been presented as Methane may be present which lower down the density of the sea and ships drown in the sea,it also evaporates and get into the engines of the planes resulting in their crash.Many scientists have triedto suspect the real cause behind the mysterious behaviour of this triangle.
In end,I would say that Bermuda triangle is real an interesting and mysterious place.
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