Dear Myself, 

How will be I?well, I can answer myself.I am and will be  feeling very bad.I am now 30 years old.I just finished writing a letter about my childhood to myself and now I am writing this one to myself. 

I have reached this stage of my life after a lot of struggle but who cares.My children whom I cared and loved so much, today they have left me in a oldage home to die.What else to say?They , I mean my son and his wife hardly comes once in a year to meet.I cannot even send a letter to anyone .I feel so lonely.i am sure that after a decade or less , Neither my children will ever send me a single nor they will come to meet me.The only way left to remove my boredom will be writing a letter to myself. 

I am very afraid that when i will be 45 years old, what would be my condition?I hope I would not be ignored by the whole world because if this happens,i would not be able to live.