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Dear friend(name),
I hoe this letter will find you in good condition. Winter has arrived here, and I hope same prevails there too. I wrote to tell you about my winter holiday. It was my best Christmas ever(you can write every detail of what you did in holidays with your own experiance).

I conclude my letter here. I miss you and your family. My regards.
With love
Your best friend
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Dear (friend's name)
                Hope you are well. I am also good here. I received your letter a day before yesterday. At the first i want to wish u "Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year". And yes, congratulations for your wonderful winning in singing, i saw your photograph in Daily Times newspaper.
               As you know, our winter vacations are started from 23 December. What are your plans of this vacations? We (our family) decided to go Shillong this vacations. One of my father's colleague live's there. I am very excited about the trip. We will stay there for about 5 days, after the trip we will go to my uncle's house as my whole family decided to celebrate this new year with the whole family. I will meet them after 2 years. I am really very excited.
              Now it is your turn to tell me about your plan....Give my regards to uncle and aunt....