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Rizwan , a journalist, was looking for a man who was a worker and whom he could interview. he was at a market place where despite high prices and unemployment ,people were buying thing,eating and drinking.then he saw a man carrying a load on his head.placing a hand on his shoulder ,he asked his name.after learning that his name was kasim and he sold old clothes and earned about 500 rupees a month,he enquired if he could manage with that much .the man replied that in affirmative.
rizwan also learnt that the man's family lived in a village and,as he had no pemanent  place to live in the city, he slept wherever he found a place.his father was a physical labour for a living but now he was starving.his grandfather also died of hunger or cold.his own son,four years old , played around in the village and from next year he would bring the boy into his trade.he was neither interested in taking a loan from the bank nor knew how he could get it.
once he had shouted slogans all day for some important person and  slept hunger all night as he could not earn anything during that day. the rag seller took his leave as he did not waste time over a meaningless interview.
rizwan's mother was ill ,his 2 younger brothers had to drop out of the school.time to starve had come.he had to submit another 4 interviews . he went and submitted his 1st interview and replacing kasims name with his own.
but the problem was how to find another name and address. but, then, he left everything to destiny.if he was alive , he would find a way
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