One suggestion I have is to remove my before society. "The welfare of society depends on our individual well-being."Welfare includes health in mind and body. Start with how attention to individual health helps prevent diseases. Go on to the issue of education. How an educated individual can create a difference in a community by educating everyone around him. That the power to make a change is up to you and I. Then come to the issue of poverty by highlighting that educated individuals from middle class backgrounds are the ones making the most impact on the fight against global poverty may be you can take a few names put in a few facts about the diseases and also relate to community education. Speak how a person who has lifted himself from poverty will have the most motivation to pull others out of that hole and that inclusive development of each member of society will lead to a faster empowerment for the poor and hence a better quality of life.
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I want to write at least 5 pages but thanks for your answer
Welfare of my society depends on my well being