India is my nation and I am pleased to be a part of this largest democracy and a wonderful country. Though I have many wishes for my country however I might want to specify few of it in only a couple words. I want to see my India as the top nation on the planet in terms of development and education. Every citizen of India must get basic education and facility to live and develop. People of India must regard one another. I also wish that our elected officials must take care of their voter’s and help in the improvement of country. Every citizen of India gets equivalent rights no matter what caste, religion or gender to they belong. I also want to see my India perfect and green. I also wish that every citizen of my country especially the ladies and kids feel secure and Government should concentrate more on their security. I want a country where all have basic facilities like food, education, employment so that they got equal chance to develop. Free electricity and water must be given in each home. At last, I need my India to look like paradise and get protected from evil powers like terrorism, corruption and so on. This is my desire and the strongest wish for my country.

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