Let first we think about the bad gift of today's communication advancement and its effect on us and analyse it whether we are cursed or incredibly blessed. Satellite exploded the communication industry throughout the globe. They played a magical lead role for commercialising the cellphone market , but equally endorsed and penetrate the threat of large electromagnetic wave encircling our cities and villages. At the time of growing Cellphone industries , It's goodness covered its dark destructive effect but eventually we started feeling the danger of microwave. The diseases like skin disease, hearing disease , DNA damage,bones weakening, sleep disorders, increase in Cancer risk may be caused if someone remains in the area microwave energy of beyond permissible energy density limit. In India safe radiation level adopted of power density is 4.7 W/sq m. for GSM900 band. GSM-900 is the frequency band adopted in India. It uses 890–915 MHz to send information from the mobile station to the base station.