Tourism is important in many ways:
- it helps in preserving and developing the culture and history as well as the nature of the destination.
- it help in the employment for the local people.
- plays an important role in the development of country as the economic development is highly effected by the tourism as it brings currency in the country.
- it helps in creating cross cultural environment across the countries.

questions on the topic are:
1. What are the steps that we can take to improve the tourism, so that more number of tourist visit our country.
2. How can we protect our tourist who have lost there ways.
3. how can we stop and protect our tourist to be cheated.

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You would use the following points to make a speech on your own --


                                              Tourism is important as


# From educational point of view, it helps us explore the world-Its traditions and cultures.

# From economial aspect-It plays a huge role in domestic market economy.Lot of people who work in this branch have this only their source of income.

# It provides employment for local people.

# Metally also, people understand the religious traditions,etc.This prevents discrimination on the basis of religions.


Teacher would like to ask u some twisted questions somewhat like--

-How would our economy be affected if tourism in our country is suddenly stopped ? What would be its consequences ?

-Tourism is indeed very important.Name some places in our country which play a crucial role in tourism.How does tourism at such places benefit our country ?

-Some country's economy is heavily inclined towards tourism in their country ? Name any of these countries .(E.g.Malta)


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