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Football was first invented by richard lindon in 1880.
It was made up of rubber.
I like football  because you play it everyday.
You like it because it has relation with much exercise.
You play football good.
You have a good football team.
You are the fans of many Football Players.
You always watch the tournaments, matches of football.
You enjoy playing Football.
It is one of the best games of the world
It makes a lot of publicity around your tournament.

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1. Everyone should develop a hobby so that he/she remains busy and do something creative in free time. 2. I also have a hobby. 3. It is the hobby of playing football. 4. This gives me immense happiness 5. I play football with my friends. 6. I am the even the captain of the football team of my school. 7. Football is an international game too.. 8. I want to be a football player. 9. It has become a passion. 10. I like my hobby very much. Hope I helped u.. Plz mark as the BRAINLIEST answer..
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