Firstly the children have to have some posters of swach bharat that inspire the people to keep their places nert and clean then have to put some dustbins that are ingood conditions then have some cleaning of environment should be taken place for around an hour by which seeing people will inspire and automatically the city will become clean

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We should try to keep our environment clean and fresh
don't throw wastes here and there instead throw it in the dustbin and also stop others to use plastic,
avoid the use of plastics instead use paper in the place of plastic,
don't waste water, and avoid rain water to be stored in any waste things such as tin, coconut cup, plastics, etc.
avoid storage of garbage at public places and overflow of water from drainage system along the roads.
try to plant more and more trees as the fresh air is very important for everyone.
avoid vehicles for the shorter distance.
try to use public transport instead of personal vehicles if a number of persons are working together.
reduce the use of air conditioner because one molecule of cfc destroy 10 thousand molecules of ozone layer.
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and what is cfc