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Good Morning, My topic is ‘Career Counseling ’. I will be covering this topic in three parts namely introduction, importance and conclusion. Coming to introduction we all know that competitions and challenges are the part of today’s world. Therefore to achieve our goal, we should plan our career well rather than aimlessly changing the job all the time. Career Counseling also refers to proper and positive planning to achieve our goal. Before counseling our future we should always keep in mind that we are not neglecting our interest. Proceeding to importance I would like to say that there is a great importance of counseling our career. It becomes our prime importance when we are approaching for secondary education because from beginning only it lays down a simpler, proper and suitable path to our ambition. At last I would like to say that there are so many individuals who are clueless about their pursuits after graduation, as they do not plan ahead. Finally, they end up earning a little and feeling dissatisfied. Career counseling can help us to know our intentions and dreams and if we want to have a suitable future, career counseling is key to success.           
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