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Ethnicity (n ) is `a term which represents social groups with a shared history , sense of identity , geography and cultural roots which may occur despite racial difference . Ethnicity shapes a group 's culture traditions and customs in food , music and language . If racism segregates whites (white American )and blacks as black Americans or African-Americans , groups such as Hispanic or Latino ' or Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander ' can beconsidered as arbitrary of diverse ethnic groups Halley Berry is an ethnic Oscar-won actress from black-American ethnic group . Tiger woods , world renowned golf-player also belong to ethnic group of black-American , while modelers , Gabriel Aubrey and Elin Nordegrin represent the white-American ethnic group Classification of racism and ethnic cannot be static and it continued to experience different social interests and political interests , whereas many whites do not consider not to be a part of ethnic or ethnicity . It is a fact that whether an Italian or an Irish background , ethnic cultures do influence interpretation and interaction with the world It is very difficult to distinguish between racism and ethnicity whereas both racism and ethnicity leave an impact on culture , life style and customs in the modern day world . In food and dining , in the field of medicine , a proportionate importance is held in ethnics in to understand etiquette and care an individual is entitled to receive
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