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Fashion is an inconstant thing it is always changing . It is a way which enables us to manifest our views and ideals . It could transform an image of a person.Thus , fashion could convey different messages . Ideologies , beliefs , and personality could be expressed through fashion . Fashion takes many forms . Garments , styles , and genres are among the popular forms of fashionViews about sexuality and gender could also be conveyed through fashion . Clothes say something about how gender and sexuality are perceived . Gender , which is the inclination or the preference of a person that is not biologically constructed but socially modified , is a concept that is often misunderstood . The term is often associated with women studies due to the prevalence of inequality in gender . As a result of this inequality , the capabilities and potentials of women are undermined (Food and Agriculture Organization 1997 . On the other hand sexuality refers to the sexual character of a person . Gender and sexuality are both reflected in the runway . When models start gracing the aisle , they just do not present the clothes but send a message to the spectators something that concerns gender and sexuality Fashion is the current , dominant style , and custom adhered by most of people (Lexico Publishing Group , LLC 2008 . When one thinks of fashion the first thing that will come into your mind are trendy styles of garments and accessories . People adhere to the culture to conform and prevent deviance . They just continue to go with the flow in for them not to be ostracized by other members of the society . Fashion may influence the way we dress and even our behavior . Our attitudes adapt to the different environmental and social factors , these include the current styles and trends in fashion