news Paper and written paper can be sold to the rag pickers who recycle the paper , metal tin can be reused by storing things in it, cardboard and broken glass can be sent for recycling,   Vegetable peel can be used as manure for plants.

Household hazardous waste (HHW), sometimes called retail hazardous waste or "home generated special materials', is post-consumer waste which qualifies as hazardous waste when discarded. It includes household chemicals and other substances for which the owner no longer has a use, such as consumer products sold for home carepersonal careautomotive care, pest control and other purposes. These products exhibit many of the same dangerous characteristics as fully regulated hazardous waste due to their potential for reactivity, ignitability, corrosivitytoxicity, or persistence. Examples include drain cleanersoil paintmotor oilantifreezefuelpoisons,pesticidesherbicides and rodenticidesfluorescent lamps, lamp ballasts, smoke detectorsmedical waste, some types of cleaning chemicals, and consumer electronics (such as televisions, computers, and cell phones).