Rewrite the sentence
1. Aishwarya looks very beautiful.( exclamatory sentence)
2. I visited New Delhi last year.(negative )
3. Everest was formed about 60 million years ago .( wh question)
4. Sourab doesmot play football.( yes/no question)
5. Trees do not produce food to feed thselves.( affirmative)
6. kathmandu is the capital of Nepal.( add a question tag)
7. Help me with my homework.( request)
8. Exercise for one year everyday.( advice)
9. This is not the correct answer. ( affirmative )



1. How beautiful Aishwarya looks!
2. I did not visit new Delhi this year.
3. When was Everest formed?
4. Does saurabh play football ?
5. Trees produce food to feed others.
6. ....,isn't it ?
7. Will you please help me with my homework ?
8. This is the wrong answer.
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but you are not lookoing beautiful
*Wow! How beautiful Aishwarya looks! *i didn't visit New Delhi last year. *When was Everest formed? *Does Sourab play football? *Trees produce food to feed themselves. *Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal? Is it not? *Please help me with my homework. *You should exercise for one year every day. *This is the correct answer. HOPE IT HELPS AND PLS MARK AS THE BEST ANSWER. :-)
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Can u pls mark it as the best answer..?? :)