Plane mirrors have plane reflecting surface and the object=image in size
concave mirrors have their reflecting surface curved inwards the object < image in size
concave mirrors have their reflecting surface bulged outwards and the
 object > image in size
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See a plane mirror is a flat and smooth object without any curvature on its side.
Both  Convex mirror and concave mirrors are spherical mirror or which are made by a part of sphere polished from either side of it
In a convex mirror the inner surface is polished which is bulged inside so that outer phase becomes a reflecting surface.
In a concave mirror it is vice versa of convex mirror.
See , in a plane mirror  the image formed is congruent to the object , in other words the image formed in a lane mirror is at the same distance from the mirror as the object is and the size and the shape of the object is same as of the image.So the image is the identical to the object.
In a convex mirror it covers a larger area i.e it forms image of a larger area in a small area or displays the larger area in a smaller area in the form of an image which is much smaller than the object. The image is smaller than the object.
In a concave mirror it covers a small area i.e it forms the image of a smaller area in a larer area or it displays the small area or region in a magnified and clear image.So the image is much larger than the object.
By these conclusions you can tell which one is of what type of mirror.
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