My grandfather is my inspiration. He is extremely old. He has dark brown eyes. My grandfather look strict but he is soft hearted. He lives in village and I go to meet him in summer vacation. He has long beard. He is very hard working. Whatever he has taught me I have remembered it by my heart. He is not very tall. He loves do to agriculture. In his spare time he also read some books. Mahatma Gandhi is his inspiration. He also follow the two rules of him : Non- violence and truth. He loves the village life than the city one. He says that a man become lazy by having too many facilities that's why he do not use so much of electronics. 

Whenever I go to my grandma he usually tell me his stories of his adulthood. His stories always inspire me. He always kept the old thing with him which doesn't have mean today. But he said that these things make him remember that what good or bad deeds he had done in his time. He wants me to become a doctor or an engineer because he had always wished to be one of them. And I am sure that I will complete his desire.