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My wish for my country is development , cleanliness, unity each n every positive thing in this beautiful world where my country is a  small part. I wish the people in my country are loyal , decent . i wish all the crimes in my country come to an end.
i wish it to be the most popular for good things . i don't wish it be same as other countries i wish only it has the good things like others. it should be unique and simply superb. cleanliness is the most important thing. i wish it could be well developed because not only the future generations even the people at the present like should see , should experience the development of their own 
country .i wish there would be no poverty in my country . all live free without any discrimination. I wish all the little kids who r poor of my country could go n get educated , live there life in there own way, play ,enjoy.
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India is my country and I am proud to be a member of this family ( India ). I have many wishes for my country but I would like to mention few of it in just a few words. I would like to see my india as the top country in the world in terms development and as well as education. Every citizen of india must and should get education . People of india must respect each other. Every state ministers or the cabinet ministers must fulfill voter's promises and help in the development of country. Men and women should get equal rights and minimum wages. Every citizen of india must be skilled. I would like to see my India clean and green. Government should give more focus on women's security. Poor children must be educated in the schools and get healthy and nutritious mid day meals in the school. In case of transports , Railways and roads must be developed . Free electricity must be provided in every homes . Atlast , I want my india to look like heaven and get protected from evil hands . This is my hope and the strongest wish for my country. " Jai Hind".
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