School is the most interesting place to be.
To make school a happy place you should do following things:

1. Find a middle way in breaking rules and not getting caught. To find a middle way you gotta run your mind and play politics, Which is sort of interesting and will develop your mind.
2. Show off whenever you get chance, Participate in curricular activities, play sports, Quizzes, etc.
3. The most important thing is to earn respect in teacher's eyes. Merely getting good grades would not make your personality smart & adorable you've to be versatile, learn the art of influence.
4. Homework: Don't get irritated by homework. Now a days internet would give everything related to education. It doesn't means you should copy and paste, instead of that learn conceptually and apply to your homework.
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The environment inside a school aids as much to the attainment of the student as the program of study (the curriculum.)

Making my school a pleasant place to dwell and hitting my books with the purpose of learning useful knowledge in an enjoyable way, should be my sole objective. However, generating optimistic circumstances in school is as much the duty of the school administration as that of the teachers and students. On the other hand, the main problem in the high school years has to do with a student’s general patience, in response to unsuitable behavior by other students. In a regular class, there may be three or four pupils who are the culprits in the sense that they have problems with their manners and are neither attentive to learning nor perform the school work. They are the ones who keep chatting in the classrooms, enjoy playing pranks on other students, and make efforts to sidetrack other students. Frequently the other students respond by chuckling and beginning discussions; all this not only mislays concentration but adds to inspire an unfitting atmosphere for everybody. This in turn serves to waste time needed by the teachers and the students. Students ought to realize that these colleagues are doing all this to distract them from learning; they should opt to ignore them or give them some form of disapproving reaction.

The significance of collaborations between students and teachers also has a decisive role to play in making the school a happy place. At the same time, the relationships between parents and children and that between parents, teachers and administrators is also vital. These involve ethics of shared respect, empathy, equivalence, friendship and attention. The significance of knowledge away from the classroom cannot be disregarded. Students should be provided the opportunities to study outside of schools, via a number of different leagues or undertakings that enhance creativeness such as arts, track-and-field events etc. Generating a happy and constructive atmosphere in schools is also associated with having green sections, nontoxic environs as well as beneficial nourishment for the students.
All the aforementioned processes help to make any school a happy place for all.

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