First speech
imagine a life without news papers............. life without newspapers is hard to imagine. it is the first thing that we look for every morning. it makes us aware of all the world's happenings as it brings the news from all corners of the world. it name itself suggest that it is brings new from all directions
north,south,west, and east. any event of importance is reported then and there by a newspaper. they carry information for everyone including businessmen, politician, sportsman, students, unemployed people etc...
it widens our knowledge as it helps us to keep in pace with the developments in all fields such as medicine, agriculture,science etc...newpaper acts as an important pillar in democracy. it is the traditional form of media that helps the government know about people's aspirations, interests,approval and disapproval. last but not the least, newspapers are the part and parcels of this modern world

second speech
Good morning to everyone gathered here today i am here to speak something about newspaper. East, West, North, South makes the news. It is really important for all humans to known what is happening in the world right now. In this case newspaper prove its importance. Newspaper are very beneficial in the life of a man. It help us to create new ideas. By reading newspaper we acquire lots and lots of information and knowledge. Newspaper is a culture. So many people has considered newspaper in their daily routine and find very difficulty without it. As students it is important to read newspaper daily. The information in the newspaper can be used for competitive examination and general exams. So by living in this earth it is our duty to know what is happening around us and in this case newspaper prove its usefulness. Thank You
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