“Money makes the world go round.” I wonder if this famous English expression is very true. If you have money, the world goes round very gently and you are happy. If you don’t have money, the world might not go round so smoothly. They also say that “money is the root of all evil”. I think this is so true. Money makes people kill and steal. Greed means there are things in the world like blackmail, corruption, slave labour and a lot more terrible things. Another common saying in English is “money can’t buy happiness”. I’m not so sure about this one. I know if I had loads of money I’d be pretty happy. I think if all the world’s money was shared out, the world would go round more happily, and there would be less evil and more happiness.
Money was originally invented by the man as a common denomination. It was mainly to be used for exchange of goods and to save the earnings in the form of money. In the old days, money was secondary to the value of the man.

But as the time progressed, the value of money increased tremendously and the value of the human being decreased in comparison to money. We need money for buying food and for arranging basic amenities. We need more money for living comfortably. We need to earn even more money to live luxuriously. We need to earn more money for saving for the safety of ours and of our family members in the future against any calamity.

When we have money, people give us respect in the society. It is important that we earn money and save money too. Earning money in illegal ways can be dangerous in future. So earn money honestly and live happily.
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