There are so many reason for urbanisation ;

1) Lack of good school

According to the new generation education must be good. In rural area there are lack of school and good education.

2) Lack of employment

In rural area there are less opportunities of employment. The family can't feed with the money which they get. So for getting employment they come to cities.

3) Lack of facilities

In some area of India there are still some places where we can' find electricity. There transport system is also weak. There is the lack of facilities. and no one wants to live in that area where one can not get facilities for there children. So they come to the city.

Due to population pressure , lack of resources in rural areas                                    birth rate is increasing and death rate is decreasing                                                     and all are believing that living in urban areas are much standard than living in rural areas                                                                                                                   NEGATIVE EFFECTS OF URBANIZATION                                                              shortage of food and water                                                                                           disease and pollution                                                                                                 general instability