The sound which is pleasant to our years ,we called music . it produces from regular and periodic vibrations . music is of many types such as jazz,rock ,pop etc
..Music refreshes our mind and enables our soul. It gives energy to our has a great importance in everyone's life as it helps us to deal with stress too. but unfortunately it has some disadvantages too
if we listen music at higher volume ,it can harm our ears moreover it creates noise pollution which is not good for our environment . we should listen to music at low level so that it will not harm our ears as well as our environment.....
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What is music?
let me explain the meaning of music with a few lines related slightly  to physics.the sound which is pleasant to our ears is called occurs mainly from regular vibrations.the medium of music is sound.some terms related to music are timbre , pitch , rhythm etc.
types of music:
there are many different types of music and they varies from different places and traditions.
* jazz music* rock music* pop music* rap music* classical musicand many more.....these were the names of the famous types of music.
significance of music:
music has a great significance n our daily life.some of us are very addicted to music and songs.some people prefer hearing to songs as the end of the day as they get peace from doing so.hearing to musics also helps us to keep our mind in rest and peace.
harmful effects of music:
hearing musics at a very loud volume causes noise pollution which is a very bad effect on the also causes headache and dizziness.when we listen to songs using headphone at a loud volume , them this may damage our ear's listening capability as well.
everything has its significance and harmful effects .like everything music has the same as totally depends on us that how we are using we should listen to musics at low volume but never stop listening to songs as it freshens and relaxes our mind.
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