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Who doesn't want to get the first rank in class.
so if you are in 10th then gear up coz you are going to get a lot of stress so to fight that my answer should be sufficient..
1. do one subject at a time. study for at least 4 hours daily. you could take breaks in between.
2. 1 hour maths is mandatory so everyday study 3 hours other subject and 1 hour compulsary mathematics.
3. have healthy diet. this would help you concentrate better.
4. while studying keep your back straight.
5. MUSIC: yes music. right music for every subject so surf the youtube as concentrating study music and you are halfway to your interesting goal.
6. keep silence. let your success make all rhe noise so while they party you study while they go for junk you go for veggies.

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thats it u follow my answer and ur GRADES will improve..this is for concentration through which u can make ur own time table and get addicted to studies
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2016-01-04T21:55:01+05:30 not get up early in the morning as it makes you stress each subject for each hour.and mathematics for2 hours. a healthy diet. not watch t v
5.go to bed early

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