Q1. How are fossils helpful in developing evolutionary relationships
Q2.Wings of bird and wings of insect-are these organs homologous or analogous?
Q3. )Give one difference between eyes and eye spot.Which animal possesses eye spots?)What are various ways by which genes can enter a population?
Q4.Mention the ways by which variant genotypes are produced in organism?
Q5.What for did Mendel use the term factors and what are these factors called now. d. What are genes? Where are the genes located?



1.fossils help us in developing relationships. they are actually the remains of body parts of ancient creatures lived in the remote past. they provide us with ideas about the possible body design of organisms and how they have evolved. scientists in this way have estimated that birds are evolved from reptiles.
2.wings of birds and insect are analogous because they have different structural design for wings although they are used for the same purpose.
3. factors are now called as genes.