1 Throw garbage ,don't use dustbin.
2 smoke in these places
3 eat tobacco &pan Masalas in these places&throw anywhere.
4 air pollution is also reason behind this.
5 cutting of trees
One would think that if anyone would be against destroying important pieces of culture and history, it would be a museum. When it comes to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City, however, that’s completely wrong. Over the years, the MoMA has acquired and destroyed several historically significant sites in order to make room for expansion, and just recently added another to that list when it purchased the American Folk Art Museum and promptly announced plans to demolish it.One of the other buildings the people at the MoMA have destroyed is an old brownstone home, which would likely be just another in a long line of traditional Brownstones in the area but for the fact that it once belonged to John D. Rockefeller himself. Of course there is a catch to that one, as the MoMA was co-founded by Rockefeller’s wife, and the family donated the home to the museum, which then tore down the house and turned it into a garden. However, several of the other houses were not donated and were at the center of an effort to preserve what remained of the neighborhood. It was an effort that ultimately failed, with many of the historic homes being razed, along with buildings like the Dorset Hotel and the City Athletic Club