You see a lot of people in your locality dumping garbage and litter in one of the empty plots in the area. this leads to a serious condition of flies bacteria and other germs moreover stray animals like cows dogs also worsen the situation and the place has turned in to a mess discuss with your partner what other problem do you think this would cause



These days people have made their mind towards misusing and not following the opinion of Swaach Bharat that is why people think of throwing more and more as they do not have a fear of anybody. Nowadays dumping grounds are at their heights and littering over the empty plots is a big issue. People think over themselves as one make their home a dirtiest one then they realize their mistake which they have committed. Moreover stray animals like cow and dogs also worsen the situation as due to cow dung cakes, flies sit over it and next on our food which releases bacteria and also causes other  type of health diseases such as dengue or typhoid or malaria.  

Hope this helps:)
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