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Usually if we visit foreign countries there we cannot see dumping garbage , messy places etc. Due to the slum system in India , foreigners think that people in India have no houses to live in , they are in very unhealthy , unhappy , unhygienic conditions . If foreign countries could be like this our country can also be clean , hygienic and tidy conditions . So , foreigners visit our country and they are so surprised about are country . All foreigners think this . Our country is becoming untidy , unclean and unhygienic . We should be ashamed . We can prove them that our country is the best in all . Its not important how they think but how we can change our country . Then we will also be very very very proud of our country . Jai hind Jai bharat . If you like my answer please give a vote of thanks to me , Mariam .
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If we want to say that clearly,they will think that we are useless