Q1. Which economic and political values were associated with the subsidiary alliance?

Q2. "The assumption of Diwani benefit the east india company". In light of this statement metion the values violated by the east india company in bengal province through "diwani"?

Q3. Imagine yourself as the nawab nephew and have been brought up thinking that you will be nawab one day now you are not allowed by Britishers because of the new doctrine of lapse. What is your opinio about doctrine of lapse? Do you think it is the unjustice rule of britishers?



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2. Diwani Rights were the rights granted to British East India Company to collect revenues and decide the civil cases.Shah Alam II, based on the Treaty of Allahabad signed in August 16, 1765, granted Diwani rights.
3.Yes it was an injustice rule of britishers because after the battle of Buxar they transformed themselves from trading company to political power and the wealth of India came into their hands which were used to finance the Third Carnatic War and other wars in India.
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