A house is a shelter in which human beings live. our house is full of love and care. There is no other place in the earth like our lovely home. this is the place where we feel safe. Our house protects us from bad weather and enemies. We should do everything that we can do to make our home ------ " THE PLACE OF OUR DREAMS".
What is meant by "home"?
Home is the place or structure where we live with our near and dear ones, especially our family.It is something which solely belongs to is a place where we live home we may not be alone our families may live with us as well.
House:Home is often known as has no different meaning.

How we feel when we are at home?
We all feel very comfortable when we are at home with our mother, father, brother, sister and other family members. We feel relaxed and safe which we feel nowhere else in this whole universe.

we feel safe when we are at our own house we feel comfortable  and rest is never possible with out our own house.

as a whole our house really plays a great role in or life.