An= 80. , a+(n-1)d=80, 2+(n-1)-2=80, 2+(n-1)=82, n-1=80, n=81. This means 81th term is 80. Now put an=102 a+(n-1)d =102, 2+(n-1)-2= 102, 2+(n-1)=104, n-1=102, n=103, This means 103rd term is 102.
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Then I'll tell u hw I have taken a as 2
By d way how u have taken a as -2
I think that u believe in answer. Try to understand d que. As it is written 2,0,2,.... Then a=-2 such that -2+2=0, 0+2=2,2+2=4. Understood
Sorry.... But m nt able to understand. Sorry
its okk
Here, a= -2,d=2 and n=?
therefore, an = a+( n-1)d
or 80= -2+(n-1)2
or (n-1)2=80+2
or n-1=82÷2
or n=41+1
or n= 42
102= -2+(n-1)2
or (n-1)2=104
or n-1=52
or n=53
if helpful like it
Its wrong. a is 2 not -2 and d is -2 not 2. U have written opposite values
No way . if d is -2 then 4-(-2)=4+2=6. Understood .