Elections helps in selecting our representative which will ultimately help us to grow into a better society and a good human being .as the representatives selected by us knows our problems and our  needs.(but today elections makes the representatives more rich by doing caruption)
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Importance of elections in our country
We are living in a democratic nation India. We follow all the rules, regulations and processes which are to be followed in democracy. Today, I will talk about the very important process that is elections. In our country, elections take place after every five years. All the Indians of 18 or above 18 years of age are eligible to vote and elect their representatives. But elections require a big amount of money to be spent and it requires a lot of time also. Th
. This is about elections. But let us concentrate on the question raised by many people that: Why elections are important. Why we invest our both time and money in conducting elections. The answer is very simple. If elections are not conducted, then we would be under a dictatorship in which only one person controls the whole country.  Elections are just like a system in which leaders are rewarded for serving the people and punished for not doing so. Regular elections provide incentives to politi
incentives to political parties and leaders. They know that if they raise issues that people want to be raised, their popularity and chances of victory will increase in next elections. But if they fail to satisfy the voters with their work they will not be able to win. This inspires or rather force leaders to work in fair and good manner. Let us understand this by an example. Even if a shopkeeper is interested only in his profit, then also he is forced to give good service to customers and if he
if he does not do so, customers would move to another shop in hope of good service. This happens same in elections. Elections are very important for development of our country and if elections would not be there, then we would not be as developed as today.

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