Nope the japenese didnt came to veitnam
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The Japanese occupation of Vietnam began in September 1940 and continued for the duration of World War II. The catalyst for this invasion was Japan’s ongoing war with China, which began in 1937. By occupying Vietnam, Tokyo hoped to close off China’s southern border, halting its supply of weapons and materials. But the occupation of Vietnam also fit into Japan’s long-term imperial plans. Japanese leaders, driven by militarism and profit, dreamed of creating a ‘Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere’: an economic coalition of Asian nations. Together these countries would expel Western imperialists and capitalists, then share trade, resources and commodities between themselves. In reality the ‘Co-prosperity Sphere’ was to be a quasi-empire, run from Tokyo for the benefit of Japan, its government and corporations. Countries like China, Korea and Vietnam would be ruled by puppet governments and transformed into vassal states, providing cheap land, labour and resources for Japanese industries. It was imperialism by stealth, thinly cloaked in a veil of Asian nationalism 
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