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Some monuments of Haryana :-
1. Shishmahal 
2. Dehra temple 
3. jahaj koti
4. Tomb of sheikh taiyab
5. Mound of vishwamitra
6. Humaun's Mosque 
7. Cantonment church tower
8. Gateways of old mughal sarai
9. Gujri mahal
10. kos Minar 
11. lat ki masjid
12. prithvi raj chauhan's fort
13. Tehkhana
14. Suraj kund masonary 
15. Baoli ghas ali shah
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About 10-km from Delhi on the Delhi-Karnal road lies Badli, where a sarai was built in the late Mughal times. The enclosure of the 'Sarai', with its arcaded rooms has disappeared, but its two gateways through which the Grand Trunk Road originally passed still stand. 

On the same side of the road, about 500m north is the sandstone column put up in the memory of the Gordon Highlanders who fell here during the mutiny. On the opposite side of the road is a small octagonal tomb called Maqbara-Paik, with arched recesses on all sides, but openings only on the cardinal points.