How can the vulnerability map of tsunami or earthquake helps in warning? Answer in about one page. plz fast.

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Tsunamis are a series of waves of very long wavelength (100's km) and period (10's minutes – 1 hour or more) that can travel up to 1,000 km/hr in the open ocean. They are caused by disturbances that displace large volumes of water and are usually generated by seafloor displacement during earthquakes, but they can also be caused by volcanic eruptions, submarine landslides, and oceanic bolide impacts. Tsunamis can impact coasts on either ocean-wide, regional (~ 1,000 km) or local (~100 km) scales.


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> hazard: the probability of occurrence of a potentially damaging phenomenon,.
> vulnerability: the degree of loss resulting from the occurrence of the phenomenon.
this can help people take neccesary precautions.
it makes the people aware about its consequences.

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