As we know that all the transactions were made in ancient times were in the form of a thing. Like if I want rice & you want utensils then I will give you utensils & in  return I will get rice but what if I don’t have the thing which you want or if you don’t have the thing or commodity  which I want then how needs or services will  be going to fulfilled . Hence to avoid all things problem money is introduced which represent the same value of the thing / commodity or services.

So if I don’t have anything but I have the money then I can buy the  thing which I want & I can offer my services in market to get money which will be inter-mediator of all needs. Money provides the single & regulated market to society & business world. Money has its long journey since it introduced. Initially there were leather made coins, then aluminium & sliver were in form. Later there were Currency note printed which are signed by RBI governor  & hold the value of printed digit like 10 or 500 .



There are two famous ideologies related to money. One is materialistic and the other is spiritual. Materialism says have as much money as you want through hook or crook. The spiritualism says you can either have God or money. Majority of people follow materialism. And they are not the happiest people!

The wise men of all times have advised the people in general to choose peaceful life. In the world around us, we see many affluent people who have plenty of money without peace and power; they don't enjoy life; money is of little use; the following lines describe the limits of money so beautifully:

"Money can buy you a bed but not sleep. Money can buy you a clock but not time. Money can buy you a book but not knowledge. Money can buy you a position but not respect. Money can buy you medicine but not health. Money can buy you blood but not life." Similarly power is of little use without peace. Who could have been more powerful than Hercules or Hitler? But neither of them had peace. So in conclusion, it can be said, we should be very careful in making a decision between money and other important things in life.