One of your friend becomes nervous when she is asked to speak from the school stage she has to give a presentation on the stage in order to qualify for the post of the school captain. She is anxious discuss with your partner how you can help her gain confidence.

Please make three cross questions on the solution you will answer and give the solution of those questions too.plzzzzzzzzzz fast!!



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Some children are very much intelligent but they are afraiding to speak on stage. This does not mean that they do not talk but they are some nervousness.
you can give her confidence to speak on stage.
take her revision.
but now a days children are so naughty, children are discouraging for those who are speaking in public.
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Please make three question on this solution and answer them too.
Well thanks for this.
Maybe by helping her overcome her nervousness.....

by counselling her
by making her practise in front of your frends whom u think will nt de-motivate her
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