Neutrinos are the nuclear particles which are very very small and exist in the nucleus.These are of three types.
Muon neutrino
Tau nutrino
electron neutrino
Just like electrons they are made up of leptons which are as small as quarks and are indivisible. The neutrinos are electrically neutron and are associated with another particle called antineutrino which are emitted during beta emmision from the neucleus these different neutrinos travel at different speeds their ranges of velocity is 0.99996 c    to    1.000126 c. Where c is the speed of light i.e 3×10⁸ m/sec.
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A neutral subatomic particle with a mass close to zero and half-integral spin, which rarely reacts with normal matter. Three kinds of neutrinos are known, associated with the electron, muon, and tau particle.