Importance and function of freedom of press in a democratic society

In a democratic country, like India, press is an important means of forming public opinion. They comment on current events and criticize or appreciate the conduct of the government. It is through them public comes to know the problems that face the country and the different possible ways of solving that problems. They educate the public mind and enable the people to have their own opinion on matters of public interests. They, thus, make democracy possible.


Press, provides us with news. With the spread of education, the popularity and importance of and press have increased by leaps and bounds.

Press is an important means of communication between the government and the people of the country. It is through the press that the government places its programmes, its policies, and its achievements, before the people. The people also use them to expressing its dissatisfaction with the government. They voice the grievance of the people and suggest measures to reform. Thus, by expressing public opinion they serve as a check on the government. They are essential for the proper functioning of democracy. The Press is all powerful in a democracy. A Free Press is essential for its success.