India is my country, the second most populated country in the world, the largest democracy in the world and also the birthplace of three of the six world major religions.

Through I have many wishes for my country, but the first wish is that my country India will be known as the most powerful country in the world. I will make many weapons and protective layer so that the people live in peace.
My second wish is this that I there is less terrorism in my country as that was happened recently in Pathankot Airbase on Thursday 31 December 2015. So that we can learn from the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for their country.

My third wish is that I could reduce the global pollution that is making hundreds of people making die. It is affecting children also and their body is on the risk of dying.

My Fourth wish is that I could plant more trees and plants so that it remains a green and clean country. Trees also make the air clean and people can breathe in a clean air. As Delhi's Chief Minister has applied a rule of odd even numbers but still we need to make it more clean by planting trees.

My Fifth wish is that I could make more use of renewable sources of energy such as Solar Energy, Wind Energy and Hydro Energy.

My Sixth and the last wish is that I could make this country more hi-tech and there are more facilities in the hospitals.

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Very Good Job BrainyLegend You are very creative 
Best answer ever! Ver good visions. I hope that people and politicians follows it
Nice Efforts