Music... It is present everywhere in our daily life. From the cry of a new born baby till the death we feel music. There is a famous quote saying that music is full of tones to which our heart "beats". Each and every person in this world inspired by music in some ways. For each of us we think music as an important element for various reasons. Here are two reasons to state why is music important. The first is music delivers messages, speeches, awareness,etc.,. Again there is a famous quote which states that The place where words fail MUSIC speaks. The second is that it is an art which makes us inspired. This art makes our mind relaxed, stress free, tension free and it gives a pleasure feeling. So I conclude that, Life is for the living, Death is for the dead, So let life be like music, And death be a note which is not said. Make life interesting through Music. Thus, Life without MUSIC would definitely be a mistake. Thank You.