Dark matters is hypothetical kind of matter can't be seen from telescope.The existence and properties of dark matters are inferred from its gravitational effects on visible matters , on radiation and on large structure of the universe.
Dark matters neither emits nor absorb light or any other electromagnetic radiation at any significant level.

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Can a black hole be considered as the dark matter? Plz answer
I don't know but scientists says that black hole and dark matter are linked
ok thankyou for your opinion
Duds it is non-luminous material which is postulated to exist in space and which could take either of two forms: weakly interacting particles ( cold dark matter ) or high-energy randomly moving particles created soon after the Big Bang, which is high energy..... only dark matter effects are been observed till now...... THE GREAT HADRON COLLIDER IS WORKING ON IT.... WISH IT GO I D LUCK!!!!
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