Dear ___________Describing you is not easy as I can’t describe you in just few words. I can write one whole book on you. The way you act reasonably, caring, goody nature, always wanting to be act like one of the superstars of the Bollywood, you’re sweet and silly pranks and what not.I really don’t realize how the time passes through when I am with you. One day seems like one hour and when you’re not around one hour seems like one day. To add it more this winter vacation was the best Christmas I ever had with you. I can never describe you in words that how important and special you’re to me. Maybe more special than what you’re to your girlfriend. I like your innocence and down to earth attitude.Switzerland is best at any time of the season but during Christmas its beauty and charm is different. I couldn’t believe we had been the land where one of the best players of tennis, the legend and the one and only Roger Federer resides. And to top it all, we got a chance to meet the legend personally.I loved the snow, Christmas trees, celebrations, carols, gifts, chocolates, lights, watches, cheese and all. Although the cheese has a petulant odor but it was agreeable to taste it once. I must tell you I enjoyed thecuisine there a lot. We really enjoyed the Alps, the Rhine falls, Lake Lucerne the most. I even enjoyed being to places where most of the Bollywood movies has been shot, one of my favourite is Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge.The scenic beauty of Switzerland can never be forgotten. I’m sending you the pictures of the heaven we visited; “Switzerland”.Have fun and take care.Yours lovingly,----------