I need a short paly script on any topic below...
atleast 5 character for class VI,
1. "God help those who help themselves".
2. "practice makes perfect".
3. "the pen is mightier than sword".

Yeah Sure why not
u can send me through msgs... i think u cant post it here, in comment box...
ye bhi ....llb......me ata he kya....................hahahaha
lol, mera nephew k liye h, cant u see for std VI...
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Practice makes Perfect.

Rahul(to his friends sitting in a group):Hey guys there is a good news.

Hansel(lazily):What the hell do you have now??
Rahul(angrily):Well its better than your talks.
Hansel:Just shut up and say what do you wanted?
Rahul:Well You all know what I am going to be the first in this annual exam.
Ratan: But you cannot be so sure from beginning.
Rahul: As if anyone could ever defeat me.
[Rahul walks away]
Vishal: So he is a lot confident.
Hansel: Not Confidence it is called Proudness.
Ratan: Well how is your preparation Vishal?I think you have a chance of winning over the position.
Vishal: Hmmm I have practiced a lot lets see.Bye.


Hansel: As usual,passed.
Ratan:I have just passed by 10 marks.
Rahul(in a sad mood):I am 2nd position.
Ratan:Wow that's superb.But by the way who stood first.
Vishal:Yes Me.
Hansel:How did you manage to come first.
Vishal:Well it is a long story but I must say i had practiced a lot and you know what Rahul position changes with time.So never be proud or else one day you will become the laughing stock of our city.

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The pen is mightier than a sword
narrator girl:raj is a man aged 25 and his friend is also 25 but raj doesnt like studies at all and his friend ,rahul is a well studied person .
narrator boy:raj and rahul are in a hotel speaking to eachother
rahul:raj i have no intension to angry u but i want to tell u that i can find a job easily but wat about u
raj:u dont have to worry at all but i will be more rich than u
rahul:how(pause) will u explain it to me
raj:no when the time comes u can see it
rahul:ok then i have to visit an interview bye see u later
narrator boy:after 3 years raj is now a great decoit and everyday his articles come in newspaper
narrator girl :and rahul is an employee in an I.T communication company
raj to his slave:call him
slave:whom boss
raj:my childhood friend rahul
narrator girl:the other day the raj slaves went to kidnap rahul and brought him to raj
narrator boy:raj and rahul r talking with eachother
rahul:i thought u will be working hard as an employee in a small company but i never thought u will be here in this way
raj:u didnt think but i thought and see i am more rich than u
rahul:but it is of no use u lost me and ur mother and u will be caught soon by the police
rahul:police u can come now
narrator boy an d girl:in this way he had been caught

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i neede for class six students...
kyu vapas padhai start kardi kya........................hahahah