Tuzuk I baburii wad a book written on the life history of the great mughal king babur
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Tuzk-e Babri is also known as the  Memoirs of Babur or Baburnama. The founder of Mughal Empire in India, Babur, recorded his impressions about India country is his autobiography, styled the Tuzk-e-Babri.Tuzk-e-Babri was originally written by Babur during his intervals of leisure in his mother tongue Turki. It was four times translated into Persian, first by Zain Khan, next by Payanda Khan and, subsequently, by Abdur Rahim Khan Khana and Mir Abu Talib Turbati. It has been translated into several European languages, particularly French and English. Three important translations of the ‘Memoirs of Babur’ in English are those of King, Leyden and Erskine, and A.S. Beveridge. Mrs. Beveridge translated the work of Tuzk-e Babri from the original Turki, while the others had translated it from the Persian version. Beveridge’s translation, therefore, is the most authentic and reliable.