‘Tuzuk-i-baburi’ is an autobiography of Babar also known as ‘Baburnamah’ written by the Babar in his native tongue Turkish, “Zahiruddin Muhammad Babar” was the founder of the Mughal Empire in India.
The Tuzuk-i-Baburi is a faithful description of the world the author had lived in, and of the people he had come into contact. According to modern scholars, no other eastern prince has written such vivid, interesting and veracious account of his own life as Babur. He writes about his own success and failure or about his shortcomings with candour, which greatly impresses the reader. His style of writing is not pompous or ornate like many Persian writers, rather it is simple and clear, there being no hypocrisy. With great regard for truth, Babur recorded historical events exactly as they had occurred.