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children surely wish there must be a playground to play in.children playing near the roads can be very dangerous and risky as they might get hit by any vehicle. they can also fall down and be badly they should not play near roads and the school management is not good if it haven't constructed a playground. all the children and staff members must urge for a playground to be constructed. otherwise, they have to provide any other safe and clean place for children to play in or can have a small hall also for children to play in. otherwise, children should know the danger and better prefer to play games inside the class only or at home. they can play many indoor games also but playgrounds must be constructed for outdoor games.  
we can convince the school authority about this by telling them that children are attracted towards the playgrounds and due to no playground, the children of their school has became lazy. they are not learning any new sports. so this matter needs to be solved.
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