Different states have different cultures and traditions . It includes style of cooking , cloth designs , language etc. Many weavers of different states face problem like if they sell the cloth to any shop the shops will buy them for maximum 500 rupees but if the shop sells that cloth to costumer they will get more than rupees 3000. Thats why all weavers in India are giving up their work . They should also get some more money than they get . We normal people cannot make so beautiful designs . Like phulkari famous of punjab chicken work famous of lucknow many varieties of many more states . So these problems weavers face in their own lives . If you like please mark a vote of thanks .
1. Due to industrialization in Britain, their export market collapsed.2. As British traders started exporting machine-made clothes to India so their local market shrank.3. As raw cotton was being exported to England, there was a shortage of raw materials.4. When the American Civil War broke out, and the cotton supplies from United States were cut off, Britain turned to India. As raw cotton exports from India increased, the prices of raw cotton shot up. Weavers in India were starved of supplies and forced to buy raw cotton at higher prices.